Welcome to Harshad Constructions | Ever green moments, forever ! Once in a lifetime residential apportunity awaits you.

Welcome To Harshad Constructions

Harshad Constructions is more than a construction company – it is a promise; a promise to understand the needs of the customers and exceed beyond expectations. They keep in mind the careful detailing, highest quality standards and an eye for perfection; Harshad Constructions spells class, comfort and utmost customer satisfaction.

Harshad Constructions are known for applying themselves diligently to each project, right from conception to completion. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in the uncompromising quality and punctuality ensured through the application of advanced techniques of construction and management.

We buy a home just once in a lifetime! And hope we make the right decision. Harshad Constructions is one of Pune's most respected Builder-Developers, with a track record of twelve years. Our expertise, in RESIDENTIAL projects ensure Quality Construction and their Timely Completion.


To build performance driven relationship & culture that continues to provide value added services to our customers.

Our Philosophy 

Service Service 365 days Customer Service
Service Strength 12 years Experience
Service Assets 1000 of Satisfied Families
Service Foundation Quality Control
Service Pride Total Customer Satisfaction